Logos Quiz Answers Level 4

by Chris on April 6, 2012

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Logos Quiz Answers Level 4

logo quiz answers level 4 logo quiz answers level 4

This is Logos Quiz Answers Level 4  for iPhone and iPad

Orange emblem with white logo in the middle (GALP) | Blue circle with hands form love (ROXY) |Old man smiling dominated with red background (KFC) | A mountain with stars surround it (PARAMOUNT) | Flying bird in the middle of orange circle (LUFTHANSA) | Two black circle that formed ‘b’ letter (BREIL) | ‘B’ letter with red triangle in it (BRIDGESTONE) | A logo arranged by nine blue triangle and seven white triangle (TDK) | ‘B’, ‘Y’ and ‘R’ letters in a circle (BAYER) | Two globe with line that look like a soccer ball (FIFA) | Oval frame orange colored (HAAGEN DAZS) | Two flags, one with black-white color dominated and other with red and cross symbol inside (CORVETTE) | Red background with a quarter of circle in it (NORTH FACE) | Silver circle border with maroon fill (FIAT) | Red circle with black and grey border line (LUCKY STRIKE) | Two bold ‘M’ in black (HUMMER).

‘E’ letter at the end and red triangle beside it (AIR FRANCE) | Blue double ‘R’ (RYANAIR) | Red square with white ‘L’ letter in it (LEGO) |Red sphere with grey line crossing on it (XEROX) | Flower with yellow and green color dominated (BP) | Blue circle with ‘Z’ letter’ (ZURICH) | Black cube (ANIC) | Brown octagon (MG) | Double face to face half circle with black background (DOLBY) | Red oval with ‘Dr’ letter in it (DR PEPPER) | Yellow rectangle with ‘L’ letter in it (DHL) | Blue Square with ‘O’ letter in it and ‘F’ in the middle (FOSTERS) | Yellow rectangle with white strips inside and ‘N’ letter (NIKON) | Blue rectangle with ‘G’ letter in it (GAP) | Silhouette of a name with ‘H’ letter at the beginning (HERTZ) | ‘S’ letter (SEGA) | Double ‘L’ and ‘T’ letter (GILLETTE) | Curve arrow (BURTON) | Orange emblem with ‘gsk’ letter in it (GLAXO SMITH KLINE).

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