How To Get Sandboxed On Google

by Chris on May 9, 2012

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Get Sandboxed On Google

After you post a new article or blog on the net the next thing you normally do is Google it; perhaps you find none of you content on Google’s page one as you were once before. Why? What happened? Chances are you have been sand boxed, not a fun place to be; in fact it could take a lot of effort to get out of the sand box as well as many months.  Your views will drastically drop as will your Adsense earnings; let’s hope they did not suspend your account for ad earnings as well.


How or why does a site get “sandboxed”

The reality of being sand boxed is that there is no real term found within Google; you will know if you have suffered if your site is not found on its search engine as well as seeing a major drop in your traffic.  Most to all sites are put on a probationary tem; meaning Google will monitor the tagged site to detect spam or over usage of keywords; which brings us to the other possibility for getting sandboxed. Let’s say you engage in a poplar niche and you know how to power source your keywords; there is a good chance that your keywords coincide with other sites that are spam.  Google will associate your site along with those that are really spam due to the relevance of their keywords and yours.  It may also have to do with the amount of ads and where those ads are on your site as well; the ratio should be 60% of content to 40% of ads.  However this is the borderline for Google to flag your site; you are better off with a 75% of content to 25% of ads.

How to get out of the sandboxed

If you have a site that offers quality information; then you can get out of the sandbox realm. However, it will take hard work and writing consistent high quality articles that will rank with Google.  Not only that but you will have to find other high ranked sites within Google to link back to you that pertain to your niche.  Create 100% original content that links other sites to a new category or line of keywords as well.  Changing your keywords could be the key to removing yourself from the sandboxed playground; with the new changes with Google there are some red flags with certain keywords and websites that will exile certain sites that are legit due to their common keywords.  Your ultimate defense is to research common keywords and either find new ones or a new niche.  It does seem unfair to have to chance your niche to something different; however the key to success of SEO is knowledge.


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