Best Guest Blogging Tricks

by Chris on December 8, 2011

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Guest Blogging Tricks

Are you looking to build links through contextual content on relevant sites? Are you trying to jump from page eight to page one in the SERPs in less than five months through link building? Well it’s going to take you anywhere from 100-600 links depending on what niche you are in if you are trying to do it through manual link building. The answer to this riddle (for a lot of people) is Guest Blogging

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Guest blogging is something of natural phenomena. The guest blogging sphere absolutely took off when launched not so long ago.

Everyone tries to tell you that guest blogging shouldn’t be for building links. Guest blogging is much more than that. I agree, but simply stated, the world of guest blogging as it exists now would in fact not exist if it wasn’t for the fact that guest blogging is one of the absolute best ways to get your website to rank without having to worry about creating amazing content that people are magically going to find and hopefully are going to link to “naturally.”

Where Will You Be In a Couple Months Now with Constant Guest Posting?

Depending on your niche, you can expect great results in as little as 2 Weeks, but also as long as 1 year. Obviously, the more competitive the keywords you are going after, the harder it is going to be, and the longer it is going to take to out rank your competitors. As long as you are not trying to compete for monster keywords (e.g. “SPORTS”), first page search engine results should be doable.

Two Example Niches:

Local Businesses keyword phrases are some of the easiest keyword phrases to rank for. I’ve seen first page rankings in as soon as two weeks with only a few guest posts and the implementation of Google Places (given the on-site SEO was perfect).

I have seen rankings for a keyword phrase that gets 4,400 exact global monthly searches (we are not disclosing the exact keyword phrase) rise from page 4 to page 1 (number 5 to be exact) with only one hundred links.

Outsourcing VS DIY Guest Blogging

Once Again, this greatly depends on how many guest posts you are going to need for your website. If you do not need too many perhaps you should just consider doing it yourself (which is what the rest of this article will help you do). There is more than one SEO company out there that can help with your guest posting needs. The guest posting process can take a lot of your time up every day – after all you need to submit quality content to quality web sites to expect this to work.

Finding Guest Posting Opportunities

Use advanced Search Operators in Google (and other search engines) There have been many articles written about this so I will provide you with a list of resources for finding guest posting opportunities using advanced searching operators.

Out of all the advanced searching operators out there, I find Keyword + intitle:”write for us” to be the most useful. It will return pages in the results that are webmasters and web site owners that are reaching out to people to provide them content in exchange for either cash or a link to your web site. It is an also an operator that I personally have a Google Alert set up for, which is another great way to find guest posting opportunities (more on that later).

Trolling Link Directories. Hoorah for link directories still having a purpose! Their “link juice” seems to be dwindling more and more each month these days, but since they used to be a great way to build links and climb easily in the rankings in the “early days” they are loaded with what have now become great a powerful blogs (at least the older and better link directories are).

There filled with all kinds of linking gold mines. In these types of directories, there are a ton of blogs that operate way under the radar (in terms of being at the top of the SERPs) but still carry very high page ranks and a very high number of readers and followers. This is because the blogs provide great quality content that attracts unique types of communities. Beware however; these types of blogs are a lot harder to get a guest post featured on! You will have to bring your “A game” when it comes to posting on sites like these. This is another reason why the next tip, creating Google alerts, can be very useful for guest blogging.

Creating Google Alerts. If you want, Google will alert you by email every single time a page is created around your targeted keyword. You can use this feature in two awesome ways that are totally relevant to guest blogging and will help you conquer writing posts for other blogs in a much more quality and efficient way. Two reasons for creating alerts sent to your Gmail would be:

  • Create an alert that will signal you when a page has been created with an advanced search query that resembles keyword + intitle:”write for us”
  • Create an alert that will help you write a post for an already targeted potential link prospect

The first point will allow you to be one of the firsts to contact the blog that is newly looking for guest post submissions, and being the first to do anything is very advantages for many different reasons. The second created alert will allow you to save time researching topics that you might want to write on for higher quality blogs – or perhaps more niche specific blogs.

Technorati and Google Blogs Finding blogs is very easy these days. Scraping Technorati for quality blogs is a good start to getting some results for people interested in your guest posts. Using Google blogs for searching would be another one for reasons that are self-explanatory.

Use Twitter. People in the SEO field and other blogging communities are especially fond of twitter. Search “guest blogging,” or something similar, to find guest blogging opportunities. Using it for the initial outreach is also a good idea as there a lot of people in the world that nowadays prefer communication via twitter rather than email.

Use MyBlogGuest and BloggerLinkUp. The best way to get guest posts by far. The two websites offer an array of different ways to obtain guest posts, and MyblogGuest’s articles gallery almost guarantees you that your article is going to get picked up. The only problem? Many of the websites that offer to post your article post nothing but guest posts on their sites (not really much of a problem however, as long as they are accepting quality guest posts). These two sites can be the best thing that ever happened to your website if used the right way.

This article was written by Primo Rudy. Primo blogs for a company that provides a white label content writitng service over at He is a professional writer and also owns a few of his own web properties. You can follow him on Twitter @PrimoRudy.

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